Stronger Math

replacing math anxiety with math joy


Math should be a subject that sparks joy; I’m here to help make that happen in your community. By building math confidence in all stakeholders, students become a part of a community that believes everyone is a math person. Since 2015, I’ve been dedicated to strengthening math education by presenting at school districts, regional organizations, and national conferences - get in touch to help build a Stronger Math program today.


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Shelby found a way to relate to my godson that made him not hate math by creating a relationship of trust with him, where he could be wrong over and over again, but she truly believed he would get it right in the end. He gained confidence through this and it allowed him to try harder. This confidence began to show in his other classes as well and he wasn’t as willing to give up so easily. 

Will Bercik

Shelby Strong represents confidence in the field of mathematics and focuses on improving students’ knowledge and acquisition of the content. As a math educator, she worked closely with students to eliminate misconceptions and promote sensible perceptions of numbers as they relate to each other and the real world. Her focus on reducing math anxiety and improving students’ conceptual knowledge leads to improved student outcomes and confidence with their studies.

Shelia Banks