About Shelby

Math should be a subject that sparks joy.

 By building math confidence all stakeholders, students become a part of a community that believes everyone is a math person.

Shelby Strong began her education career as a secondary math teacher in 2012. She taught for eight years in the New Orleans metro area, and was named a Louisiana Teacher Leader in 2014. Since 2015, she has been dedicated to strengthening math education by presenting at school districts, regional organizations, and national conferences. She has written for Edutopia and NCTM (2 | 3 | 4), and was a guest on the Lesson: Impossible podcast. She is passionate about building stronger math programs by building stronger math people. This cannot happen without embracing the full humanity of all communities, and explicitly addressing bias, racism, sexism, cisnormativity, and heteronormativity, privilege, and oppression that actively keep people from reaching their full potential.

If you let her, Shelby will happily spend many hours talking about math and math education. When she is not nerding out about math, you can find Shelby nerding out about video games, deep in a good book, being chased around the house by her son and husband, or annoying her cat, Winston.


To dispel the myth of the “math person” and help build math confidence in every member of the community.

Core Values